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          Advertise with us

          Pravda.Ru is one of the most popular Russian online newspapers.


          Over 5,500,000 people read our pages every month.


          Pravda.Ru is listed on TOP 200 Newspapers in the World and on TOP 100 Newspapers in Europe.


          Pravda.Ru exists since 1999. We are the first Russian online publication, as well as the first Russian online newspaper that launched an English version.

          Nowadays, Pravda.Ru is published in Russian, English, Portuguese and Italian languages.

          Contact details
          Staraya Basmannaya Street, 16/2 Moscow, Russia
          Telephones +7 (499) 641-41-69



          Total readers: 5,850,000


          Male/Female: 59%/41%


          Median Age: 45


          College Graduate+: 67%


          Professional/Managerial: 55%


          Sources: Google Analytics, TNS Media Research , 2012.